Saturday, December 4, 2010

Nutmeg , Myristica fragrans

Nutmegs come from an evergreen tropical tree native to Spice Islands, Indonesia.  Around 25 000 tons are expected to be produced in 2012 worldwide, with 7800 tons coming from its native Indonesia and  around 2000 tons from a tiny island Grenada, which proudly displays nutmeg on its coat of arms and national flag. India is the biggest nutmeg producer but a huge internal demand leaves very little for  international trade. World crop costs  around  $160 million dollars, bulk prices vary from $5000 to $12 000  per ton. Retail prices in USA are anywhere from 99 cents (Kroger, 2009) to $4-5  and more for a 2 ounce package. In the past, in many places  nutmeg price was equal to gold, by weight.  In London of 1760,  a pound of nutmeg was selling for 80-90 shillings, which is about 2 ounces of gold or so.

Grenada produces almost 18.2 kg of nutmeg   per each inhabitant every year. Worldwide, only  about 3  grams of nutmeg are produced per potential consumer.
Energy content of nutmegs could supply  150 000 people with 2000 calories a day  for 1 year(countries like Dominica and Tuvalu combined) , protein content-- 65 000 people with 50g a day. These numbers are for kernels only, fruit and mace weren't included in calculations.
Nutmeg tree is up to 12m high and can brings 5 to 7 kg of nutmeg per year (1500 to 2000 nuts). Approximately 28-30 000+  hectares are used worldwide for production of nutmeg, which is  about 0.02% of all permanent crop land  in the world.

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