Friday, December 17, 2010

Gold, Oro, Geld, Золото

golden stater of Alexander the Great
Gold has been mined and used for well over 6000 years. Global production in 2009 was 2572 tons. China is a major gold producer  since 2007. Australia is the biggest producer per capita, with 10.19 grams produced per citizen in 2009. Globally, only 377.7 milligrams  were available per potential consumer. India is a biggest gold buyer in the world, they bought 400 tonnes in 2008, 559 tonnes in 2009 and 624 t in 2010 (that's 522 mg per each Indian). Cube, made out of the gold produced in 2009 would be 5.11 meters high. Sheet of metal , beaten out of it could cover a country like Luxembourg. As of today, it'd be worth (at $1376/ounce) staggering $113.8 billion dollars. Nevertheless, only 10-12% of all gold is used for non-bullion/non-jewelry  purposes.

1. China: 313.98 mt
2. Australia: 227.00 mt
3. United States: 216.00 mt
4. South Africa: 204.92 mt
5. Russia: 205.00 mt
6. Peru: 180mt (estimate)
7. Indonesia: 90.00 mt
8. Canada: 95.00 mt (estimate)
9. Ghana 90.20 mt
10. Uzbekistan 80mt (estimate)
Other: 854mt
TOTAL: 2572mt

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  1. Wow! That info is thought provoking! I would have guessed that the US produced less than a lot of those countries. BTW your blog is very cool. Ok off to check out some of your other posts, just wanted to give you some props for a neat, educational site!

  2. Hi, thank you. You are right, when people talk about god producers, they think of South Africa mostly , not China or USA.